Carrie Etter lives in London. Her poems have appeared most recently in Seneca Review, Meridian, Nedge, Salamander and The East Village. In 1998, Potes & Poets published her chapbook Subterfuge for the Unrequitable.

Under beer and on the humid

Under beer and on the humid
sounds like distance stretching into itself
though, in unmeasured moments,
identifiable as semis on the interstate.
Looking away at the overgrown
and the equilibria lose novelty.
Fecund names the loss.
Pinioned relative to the imaginable,
pines never taller on either side of the field.
Lavender sachet and nightly dose.
Yes, yes, the gnaw. Tonight
the barmaid refuses to apologize.

Goldenrod foot by yard

Goldenrod foot by yard overtakes the horizon to forestall aghast, tremulous, sublime
"Wretched mother!" the translation flashed "Abandon my son!"
The catholicity of my wine-spun revelations embarrasses even who would say egalitarian
Who overtakes grief in a sprint across the field, here and no further
This is how a birthday nears, neglecting chianti
Younger sisters conceive and conceive
The picture instead presented buttercups, yellowed orange and catching
Mme Butterfly with her hair uncoiling
Who teeters on the gulch's precipice and laughs at the short height
Any rhetoric necessitates a certain diffusion, and that of fallenness
Who can shrug I nearly envy
The orphan as he who experiences the death of his nativity
The orphan as he who remotely senses the death
There is no grief in putting my finger on it
Months succeed where one neglects the sublime, refuses to acquiesce if indifference can deny
The world's efficacy lies in its torque
Could I yield to apoplexy, to apology, to apocalyptic
How far can regret bear reason
John Paul I reigned 34 days, Lady Jane Grey a relative lifetime
Four, five days rendered me ultimately effable
Wretched mother, praise that torque

Estate Management

                from Christine de Pizan's The Treasure of the City of Ladies

war or crusade leaves behind

manors, fields, and fieldhands

how ladies who live on ought to

all the responsibility of administration (revenue)

by persuasion the details and a standard of living

at the study of lease and contract – nothing dishonourable

nothing dishonourable in familiarity

to oversee (revenue) servant, sheep, furrow

to market to market to sell a rich

to preclude undersight, i.e. deception (loss of revenue) (poor prices)

sometimes renders more profit, e.g. the Countess of Eu

felt no shame in the perfectly respectable work

profit (nothing dishonourable to women)

The Return

the ache that keeps for the sake of the moment's thrall as though to shift were sacrilege to thought to the complete sentence period new sentence until punctuation wanes in the glow profuse and almost tangible

I court it

sans regret for skinfast days sense-bound the revels the ferry there in no time true enough no time at all though the tick was heard was attended a lapse self-suturing
I revisit

and therein the ken we are circumnavigators all there arises our rest and anxiety from there to beckon in the ache kept for the sake of the moment's thrall

ache and grip