Sarah Mangolds first book, Household Mechanics, was winner of the New Issues First Book Prize selected by C.D. Wright. Her poetry has recently appeared in magazines including Ribot, Fourteen Hills, Transfer, Tinfish and Outlet. She currently lives in Seattle.

Ecstatic Turtlenecks

Luckily enough recently
and across the street
the word perpetual
but I trust her
leaving the conservatory
empty brackets and access roads
singular nature of her chords
bear claws
play the whole sonata
and play it well
will get you as far as
youd be the keyboard
and thank you
every fourth day
every third day
bit or anchor
eight pound cleat
in your shoes
when it arrived
review the marriage
out of the way
close the book
and lets say
far reaching
do you think
potatoes put in
imperfection or laceration
to her work
closet onion eater
accusing him of codes
I was the worst scientist



since he was a baby
a small amount of money
its strange lips
appears on the porch

one box to another
to put it bluntly

a beautiful idea

the interesting question
it somehow does

now they wonder what
putting on a brave face
head in the cake

to trace an account that her father
what was needed
but you never know


The roots of her obsession
He seemed grateful

She smoked while she talked
The truth from me

Some of this stuff
We want to know

There will be no winners
Capable of deep love

He was right, of course
When, for example, I earnestly asked

Stay like that
Consciously changing nothing

Being a star student

Halfway House

I recognize the dangers
Italian shoes and a British suit
throw away relationships
organized and armed
I had no idea

Then there was Ed himself
we grinned nervously at our table
exposing bathtub rings
magnificent income
huge hot pastrami sandwiches
or tomato soup

how close they are
the steps are small

Consider the damage done by purple
sound of money being burned
their prerecorded existence
hand-sewn luggage

Say the choice were made
possessing only the vaguest notion
to twirl one's fingers
but because we have grown so breathlessly
is an official language
cured or suppressed

the electricity they need
brought the house down

yearn for a period in history when
people say to themselves
We must act now
there's a nonstop demand

driving west until the road turned
uncertain highway
we have been led to believe

I previously had been blind