Issue 1 (November-December 1999)

Susan Schultz, Kevin Hart, Timothy Liu and more

Issue 2 (January-February 2000)

John Kinsella, Graham Foust, Peter Finch and more

Issue 3 (March-April 2000)

Mark Bibbins, Drew Milne, Matthew Zapruder and more

Issue 4 (May-June 2000)

Jessica Hornik, Peter Minter, Jonathan Monroe and more

Issue 5 (July-August 2000)

Ron Silliman, Brian Henry, David Baratier and more

Issue 6 (September-October 2000)

Heather McHugh, Mary Jo Bang, Margot Schilpp and more

Issue 7 (November-December 2000)

One Year Anniversary Special Issue featuring James Tate, Matthew Rohrer, Franz Wright, Lee Upton, Simon Perchik, Christine Hume, Charles Bernstein, Joe Wenderoth and many more

Issue 8 (January-February 2001)

New Welsh Poetry issue featuring Gillian Clarke, Dannie Abse, Gwyneth Lewis, Robert Minhinnick, Sheenagh Pugh, Lloyd Robson and many more

Issue 9 (March-April 2001)

Forrest Gander, Dara Wier, Bob Hicok, William Waltz and many more plus new translations from the French featuring Stephane Mallarme, Paul Verlaine, Andre Breton, Jean Follain and Yves Bonnefoy

Issue 10 (May-June 2001)

Tessa Rumsey, Timothy Donnelly, Rebecca Wolff, David Dodd Lee and more plus Recent Croatian Poetry featuring Rade Serbedzija and Dubravko Detoni, "Creative Poetics" and "Creative Criticism," and the inaugural installation of "Focus on New Media"