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KATHY D.K.K. BANGGO has received the Intro Award in Poetry from the Associated Writing Programs, the Myrle Clark Creative Writing Award and the Hemingway Award from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Her work has appeared in various publications and her chapbook 4-evaz, Anna was published by Tinfish Networks. She lives in Hawaii.


You drink two sweet cups
of rice milk, my sex,
and think you know
and about me.
But, honey, if you leave
doors to your place
you better sleep
with your eyes wide open.


a substance,
  like silk,
  or thoughts,

falls from light
in silver nets
and flowers
in soft petals
on the belly.

  the tattoo
  a meditation,
  day and night
  of equal length.

sun and moon
in the vase
of the throat;
the body light
a jewel

of salt and rain water.
ocean swells
  this heart,
  this heart,

skin of diamonds.