An Introduction by David Lehman                                                                          


Kim Addonizio: "Fuck"


A.R. Ammons: "Fucking Right"                                                                          


Nin Andrews: "Where Memory Ends," "Mrs. Bluebeard," "Advice About Pussy Poems"          


Margaret Balistreri: "You Are"                                                                             


Stephanie Brown: "Invective"                                                                               


Catallus: "Improba Carmina"                                                                  


James Cummins: "Monopolies," "On Watching a PBS Special on Poetry"


Tom Disch: "A Sestina for Susan Sontag," "Some Poets Who Shall Be Nameless" 


Denise Duhamel: "Mall Mama"                                                                           


Thomas Sayers Ellis: "All Their Stanzas Look Alike"


Amy Gerstler: "Fuck You Poem # 5"                                                                  


Stacey Harwood: "A Valedictory: Forbidding Mourning"                                        


Robert Hershon: "Neighbors"                                                                               


Betsy Johnson-Miller: "The Bush Beast"                                                              


David Lehman: "Same Difference," "Writing Them"  


Reb Livingston: "On the Way"                                                                             


            Nikki Moustaki: "Extremely Lightweight Guns"                                                    


Maggie Nelson: "After a Fight"                                                                           


PF Potvin: "An Unforgettable Nod"                                                                      


Carly Sachs: "Exorcising Paul"                                                                               


Allyson Salazar: "Our Father," "JCrew Screw You"     


Kelsea Habecker Smith: "Nothing Between the Lines"                                          


Paul Violi: "On an Acura Integra"                                                                         


Joe Wenderoth: "July 6,"  "February 5" 


Dara Wier: "5 Years of No Future"