Kelsea Habecker Smith is currently living in an Inupiat Eskimo village in the Arctic region of Alaska, where she teaches pre-school. During the long, dark winter, "fuck you" is a phrase she often longs to voice at inappropriate times, and is therefore pleased to contribute to this anthology in which she can far more constructively revel in the power of these two ever-alluring words.






Nothing Between the Lines


Fuck is a

U-boat of the

curse word


yielding to nothing,

obliterating everything

unabashedly. Oh

fortress of

untold utilization!

Clearly this kicks all. But,

kiddo, the euphonious

yawp of this


utterance is not

for the weak-hearted.

Understand: once dropped this

cobalt bomb

kills all. This is no

yo-yo you swing

out and call back.

Unless, however, a me

forages along

underneath it, in which

case the whole

kitchenette changes. Then,

yodel it. Yoke it up and

outrun the