Dara Wier's new book is Hat On a Pond (2001). Verse Press published it. Matthew Zapruder was the book's editor, Guy Pettit did the graphics for it, J. Johnson of designfarm designed the cover, and Brian Henry designed the interior.






25 Years of No Future

Fuck you if you care, sick pigs, rich pigs
In your hospitals & banks, you hungry pigs
Shopping in your disgusting skin in your
Supermarkets, green pigs, stupid sweet pigs,
Lazy pigs hiding in a pink motel, wet pigs
Ruining a rainstorm, hot pigs stinking to
High heaven, perforated pigs in the post-
Office cursing, holy pigs hiding in ashrams
& down on their knees elsewhere, thirsty
Pigs piled on the barroom floor, pig dogs,
Pig gas - swilling American cars, pig pills,
Dead pigs in graveyards, ugly pigs at the
Barbers, mother pigs on the playground,
Working pigs digging in a ditch, zombie
Pigs dreaming up zombie traps in their
Zero for brains cubicles in their night-
Mare offices, lawful pugs in a courthouse,
Outlaw pigs in jail, caffienated pigs in
Squad cars, you get the idea, fuck them
All & their atomic bombs fuck them when
They won't go off so it gives Che some
Time to teach Fidel golf, fuck golf, fuck
The deaf pigs in the music stores, fuck
The pig pilot of the ferryboat, fuck rat
Pigs running around in the stadiums, fuck
The fucking teakettle pigs, fuck the fucking
Scones, fuck the lids on the pig-fucking
Pots of jam, fuck the pig matchbook, fuck
The smoke, fuck the fucking shirt, fuck
Sidewalks, fuck the fucking pig pigeons,
If I could I'd have my skin ripped off,
Fuck shoelaces.