Jorge Luiz Antonio teaches Portuguese in São Paulo, Brazil. He is currently preparing his doctoral dissertation on the art of digital poetry in the Communication and Semiotics Program at the Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. His book Cores, forma, luz, movimento: a poesia de Cesário Verde (Colors, Form, Light, Movement: Cesario Verde's Poetry) was released in November 2002, and he is also author of Almeida Júnior através dos tempos (Almeida Junior Through the Ages).


Other works:


"Brazilian Digital Art and Poetry on the Web"


About this work:


"It is a honor to have my [article] in Slope's hyperliterature issue. [In "Digital Poetry"], I tried to represent all types of digital poetry I have researched around the world. This is an essay I've been writing and revising since 2000, when I started my Ph.D. studies. It has been a challenge."


Favorite works of hyperliterature:


"As ... my studies reach Brazilian and other countries' poets and poetries, these are some favorite works I remember (the list is longer, but those who are not cited must forgive me for the mistake)."


"Vispo" by Jim Andrews (Canada)

"VPoetry" by Ladislao Pablo Györi (Argentina)

"Diagram Poems" by Jim Rosenberg (US)

"Infopoesias: produções brasileiras" by E. M. de Melo e Castro 


"A Room Without Walls" by Ted Warnell (Canadá)

"Cybertext Poetry" by Chris Funkhouser (US)

"Click Poetry" by David Knoebel (US)




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"Digital Poetry"