Carrie McMillan works as a high school English teacher. A member of the trAce Online Writing Community, the bulk of her work, mostly of experiments in poetry in an electronic format, can be seen at Estar de Gala.  She also writes reviews and articles for the British journals Tangents and Stride.


About this work:

"This article touches on ideas I've been thinking through about the ideal role of the Web. Is it best as a marketplace or is its structure and accessibility most suited to artists and writers?"


Favorite works of hyperliterature:

"It's hard to pin it down to a few, but I've always liked Reiner Strasser's work, so in particular I'd choose "La Parapluie" or "The Seahorse."  I like them because they're not overly flashy and they confound those who want to rapidly click their way through a piece. You have to really look at them."




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