Mez "does for code poetry as jodi and Vuk Cosic have done for ASCII Art: turning a great but naively executed concept into something brilliant, paving the ground for a whole generation of digital artists" (Florian Cramer). The impact of her unique code/net.wurks [constructed via her pioneering net.language "mezangelle"] has been noted by hyperliterature critics. She has exhibited extensively at venues including Wollongong World Women Online 1995, CTHEORY's Digital Dirt, Prague's Goethe Institute, Digitarts '96, ISEA '97 Chicago, ARS Electronica 1997, The Metropolitan Museum of Tokyo, SIGGRAPH 99&00, d>Art 2000 & 2001, and Under_Score at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2001. She is also an online journalist and co-moderator of the arc.hive experimental mailing list. Her awards include the 2001 VIF Prize from Humboldt-Universitat, the JavaMuseum Artist Of The Year 2001, and the 2002 Newcastle New Media Poetry Prize. She was also a finalist for both the 2001 Electronic Literature Organization's Fiction Award and the 2002 READ_ME Artistic Software Award (Honorable Mention).


About this work:

"'_][d.][splay my][opia][_' began its x.istence as a code/net.wurk; that is, an incidence of an artform that utilizes the grit & grain of the network [via email & other internet/web communication technologies] as well as computer [programming language] code conventions in order 2 create & disperse the works constructed via my 'mezangelled' writing style. this primary incarnation of '_][d.][splay my][opia][_' was created under a shifting identity/ownership tag of '.][depth][f.Unction.' 


this version of '_][d.][splay my][opia][_' draws on this initial net.wurk formatting by seeking 2 merge the layered complexities of the mezangelle language as a net.dependant form with a presentation-media equivalent. by simultaneously forcing the [previously] net.wurked text in2 audio-visually dependent [unfolding] image sets which are in a constant state of animated arrest & development the resultant work seeks 2 continuously resist the notions of a traditional 'multimedia' conception by its self [& net]-referentiality.


'_][d.][splay my][opia][_' progresses through a set of loops that illustrate the potentialities & conflicts n.herent in attempting 2 display art that is n.tended 4 net.xistence, & [in the same conceptual instance] attempts 2 m.merse the absorber in this stop/start loop, in echoing the fact that the t][n][e][t][xt itself is also trapped in a perpetual circuit [ie the text continuously pushing against the bleeding edges of the AV imagery & the viewer having 2 decide the beginning/end point of the (cyclical) work]."




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"_][d.][splay my][opia][_"