Jim Behrle's latest chapbook is Recent Sonic News (Please evict us.) and Who are the Big Boys? (with Matthew Wascovich) is imminent. He edits Can We Have Our Ball Back, is poetry editor for Pindeldyboz, and contributes to the syndicated newsmagazine “Here & Now“ on Boston's National Public Radio affiliate, WBUR-FM.











Given in to pneumatics:

                        Red star

Fingered, some edges


Misplaced, star misplaced

Zeal      swallowed

            Lost to travels


Dim star or tree, star tree

            Dimmed, edges

Zealous,            misplaced


Travelers, borders, fevers.

            Red stars light

Lisa's face, Lisa


Swallowed or misplaced


Star, edges fingered,


            Yet traveled, yet

Zealous Lisa, dimmed thusly

            Given up, lost to travels


Lisa star this brow and

Tree,     help pneumatics to push






            Reminded to shine

When Lisa doesn't call

            Or write, remains


Alit when Lisa calls or

            Writes forgetfully

To remind to shine


Lisa writes and means to write

            And means to call

The cops on me, shiny copcar


            Shiny weapons, lawyers

Shine and chase, remind to bill



Are no cops or calls

            When Lisa's alit, when

Lisa's shiny on me and means


 To forget, forgot to, Lisa chases

            And writes

            Of shine, to remind


Me to stay alit, alit in copcars

            Writing of her shiny weapons






Oh but I have been so good

Oh but I am saved

Outside myself


Being this good hurts so

                        Good, oh

But I have faltered


            But, Oh, I am saved

Outside Lisa, I have been

            Good enough to falter


Oh how good I have been

            And hurt, saved

                From Lisa so


            Outside myself, being

This good hurts and saves, oh

But Lisa, save and be so good


Outside me, faltering, oh I

Hurt so good, good enough

            To save Lisa


I am good and hurt and Lisa

Saves   hooray              good