Julie Doxsee

Nudge up to a Little Patch of Brick

behind the chair the spare-changers hammer  

into being.  to catch it, trail it.  a settling breeze's rest 

knows a never like in a winter's never.



Images that Appear During Struggle for Translation

& they watch a man steering his handmade bird to appear
from the curtain.    behind the blue sky dives a kite man. 

who knows to look at the man. 

the nose following a body
forms scent, a magi just a magi flailing to appear. 

fixed wings are mirrors caught on roofs of
glass, grained. forms in new launch bank here never  

to appear a wonderful bird.



And Then I Used Their Roots 

"You will lie down in love-hate as you stare at it everyday" 

& you will realize I will send you, too, 

a nice amount of silly. These illusions are really 

a long pacifier of words. Luckily you appear in one of the freckle patterns 

you shucked out of the half-moon. 

If you stare at the characteristics of my pajamas, 

that city, rather than stay its ground, will constellate.