David Solway photo courtesy of Vehicule Press

     six new selections

     Carmine Starnino and Solway's
     "Difficult Sublimity"

     Derek Webster meets
     Solway one-on-one

     Solway elsewhere on the Web

++ Paul Hoover
++ Mark Salerno
++ Gary Young
++ Dzvinia Orlowsky
++ Gian Lombardo
++ Terence Winch
++ Barbara Orton
++ Arielle Greenberg
++ Richard Garcia
++ George Murray
++ Max Winter
++ Jon Cone
++ Ted Nielsen
++ Maxine Chernoff

++ Tatkhulu Afrika
++ Antjie Krog
++ Breyten Breytenbach
++ Sandile Dikeni
++ Mazisi Kunene
++ Remi Raji
++ Amina Said
++ Kelwyn Sole
++ John Mateer reviews
     Breytenbach and Krog

++ Timothy Liu
++ Andy Brown
++ John Gimblett
++ John Mingay
++ Robyn Sarah
++ Sam Sampson

++ Paul Killebrew on Amos Oz
++ John Erhardt on A.R. Ammons
++ David Roderick on Joshua Beckman

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