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++ Brief bio in "Literary Montreal"

++ "Liberal education provides framework for life," from The Montreal Gazette

++ Excerpts from Solway's Education Lost: "Education as 'Transformative Rite,'" "The Elements of a Teacher" and "The Good Teacher"

++ Carmine Starnino reviews Random Walks in Montreal Serai

++ "The Phantom Fisherman," Ben Downing on Solway's invented poet, Andreas Karavis
from Lingua Franca

++ "Poet or Fraud?," article on Karavis from The (Toronto) Globe and Mail, via Arts Journal


++ Vehicule Press (http://www.vehiculepress.com)

Books by, or including, Solway: Raging Like a Fire, The Signal Anthology, Saracen Island: The Poems of Andreas Karavis, Jerusalem: An Anthology of Jewish Canadian Poetry, The Insecurity of Art, The Anatomy of Arcadia, An Andreas Karavis Companion, Bedrock, Selected Poems, Modern Marriage, The Mulberry Men, Cross/cut: Contemporary English Quebec Poetry

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++ The Turtle Hypodermic of Sickenpods

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