Issue 1 (November-December 1999)
Susan Schultz, Kevin Hart, Timothy Liu and more

Issue 2 (January-February 2000)
John Kinsella, Graham Foust, Peter Finch and more

Issue 3 (March-April 2000)
Mark Bibbins, Drew Milne, Matthew Zapruder and more

Issue 4 (May-June 2000)
Jessica Hornik, Peter Minter, Jonathan Monroe and more

Issue 5 (July-August 2000)
Ron Silliman, Brian Henry, David Baratier and more

Issue 6 (September-October 2000)
Heather McHugh, Mary Jo Bang, Margot Schilpp and more

Issue 7 (November-December 2000)
One Year Anniversary Special Issue featuring James Tate,
Matthew Rohrer, Franz Wright, Lee Upton, Simon Perchik,
Christine Hume, Charles Bernstein, Joe Wenderoth and
many more