Slope began on a whim one year ago. We're grateful for the support from a great many who have helped make it a premier online venue; to those who set aside their hesitation over the "legitimacy" or "credibility" of electronic publishing and took the chance. This is, after all, what Slope and all the magazines we admire are about: on placing great value in risk-taking, moving away from comfortable and tired conventions/resolutions and staking new ground. Hardly a revolutionary ideal, hardly a new ideal. But an ideal, nevertheless, seemingly lost to a number of editors these days. How many more X+Y=Z poems do they think we can we stomach?

This issue is a fine example, we think, of our eclectic yearnings. Favoring, or bowing to, poetic "schools" and "sensibilities" is simply not a part of our editorial aesthetic; we strive to compile a catalogue of differing visions in each issue. We like the flowering of ordinary possibilities, to quote Merton, no matter which vehicle or "method" drives it.

"Universes are strewn about," wrote Paz, and we at Slope want to collect them. Or at least as many as we can. We're trying.

- Ethan Paquin, 2 November 2000

Slope is a bi-monthly, online journal devoted to contemporary poetry being written around the globe in English. We print only new, original and previously unpublished poems. Contributors hail from countries including Australia, England, Wales, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. We encourage new and emerging writers, while continuing to publish award-winning and established poets.

Slope occasionally features "sampler" issues. Recent examples include New Avant Poetry (Issue 5) and Contemporary Womens Poetry (Issue 6); coming next time around is the New Welsh Poetry sampler (Issue 8).

Poets featured and/or forthcoming in Slope include James Tate, Forrest Gander, Heather McHugh, Dara Wier, Franz Wright, Eric Pankey, Eugen Jebeleanu, Matthew Rohrer, Mary Jo Bang, Ron Silliman, Joe Wenderoth, John Kinsella, Timothy Liu, Margot Schilpp, Pam Brown, Peter Finch, Kevin Hart, Peter Minter, Brian Henry, Lee Upton,  Katy Lederer, Drew Milne, Mark Bibbins, Coral Hull, Graham Foust, Jonathan Monroe, Susan Schultz, Louis Armand, Spencer Selby, Christine Hume, Javant Biarujia, and many others.

The editor invites electronic submissions of 2 to 6 poems in experimental and traditional styles. 

All poems submitted must be previously unpublished and accompanied by a brief biographical note. Unsolicited poems, reviews, interviews and poems in translation will be considered year-round. Please query before sending reviews and interviews. 

Rights revert to poets upon publication. Unfortunately, we can not at this time offer payment for any work accepted.

February 2001 Gallery Bershad of Boston, Massachusetts, hosts a Slope reading/concert/party at a time and date to be announced. The public is invited. Readers tentatively scheduled include Franz Wright, Matthew Zapruder and Peter Richards. Check the gallery website for details as they become available.

May 4 and 5, 2001 University of Massachusetts at Amherst hosts a poetry publication festival (yet to be named) - a weekend of readings, panels and receptions featuring alumni of the UMass MFA program who have gone on to edit journals and presses. Slope will be represented in a panel discussion on electronic publishing. More details are forthcoming.

A print collection of poems published in Slope is being planned.

Editor & Founder: Ethan Paquin
Australia Editor: Michael Farrell
Designer: Steve Palmer of 76design